Nearly There Yet presents The Party

A man excitedly waits for the guests to arrive at his party. The cake is made, the presents have arrived, and the music is playing – all he needs are his friends to make this the best birthday ever. Enter some unexpected guests: a French cyclist, a man dressed as a giant chicken and a mysterious stranger who has apparently never had a birthday.

What ensues is an endlessly entertaining topsy-turvy show that humorously explores difficult topics such as sharing, social exclusion, and not always getting what you want.

A fantastically engaging show for young people to enjoy with the whole family … and there’s even pass the parcel.

Presented by Nearly There Yet with support from Jacksons Lane.

Age guidance: 3+

Duration: 45 minutes

Tickets: £8.50


Why not make a day of The Party?

We will be holding a mini market with craft activities for all the family plus an amazing workshop full of circus fun and games with the company.

Suitable for Age 3+ and their grown-ups