Heather Peace

Heather Peace has just announced that she is pregnant, so she is heading out on the road to treat her legions of fans to a small selection of shows before she is no longer able to rest her guitar on what Heather is expecting to be a huge baby bump!

The show will be a mixture of old and new material fused with some super upbeat and some acoustic arrangements.

Expect to hear all of your favourite songs in what is set to be an unmissable night.

With support from local musician, Anne-Marie Sanderson.

Anne-Marie Sanderson is a British singer-songwriter, recently returned to the UK after five years in America, where she released two EPs and toured up and down the west coast. 

Her most recent EP, Shadows & Sparks (2015), explores twin-opposite themes of light-dark, mystery-certainty, love-loss, with songs arranged for a luscious chamber-folk ensemble.

Following in the tradition of timeless singer-songwriters, her music is often compared to that of Joni Mitchell and Nick Drake, but fans and critics alike recognize that Anne-Marie Sanderson is all her own.


Tickets: £24