The Fourth Dog

Weddings bring the whole family together, and that’s when the problems start... It’s The Big Day and the Burney clan have all assembled - including the skeletons in the cupboard.   It’s not a perfect start: the pregnant bride and incompatible groom have made some very poor outfit choices; the disgraced auntie has gate-crashed and is giving the mother-of-the-bride hell; the bride’s grandparents, who haven’t stopped bickering for sixty years, don’t see why today should be any exception. And the icing on the wedding cake? A long dead ancestor has pitched up and is startling guests with eye-watering accounts of her nineteenth century mastectomy.

What does it mean to be part of a family? How does our heredity influence the way we love and hate, live and die? The Fourth Dog is a comedy about breast cancer, marital breakdown, family baggage and grieving – and what could be funnier than that?

Tickets £14

Bra Bank at each show!

Deposit your used, new or surplus bras into our bra bank. Give them a new lease of life - raising vital funds for research into secondary spread breast cancer.