Modest Genius Presents

Dying to Please You

In May 2013 Vid Warren, 23, was diagnosed with brain cancer. We were told his
chances were about as slim as a peanut on a railway track, and so began the 20 month
countdown to his death. As we bounced between denial, hope and acceptance we used
"tumour humour" to diffuse the pain and get closer to the truth - to live from the heart
and laugh in the face of death allowed us to stay present and enjoy whatever life he had
left to live.

Dying to Please You is a mortally funny piece of devised theatre exploring the comedy
behind death, dying and grief. Through music, dance and physical theatre the Modest
Geniuses interpret the complicated world of cancer, death and dying as gentle and
ridiculous. This project is an exploration of the question: can we laugh in the face of

Supported by Arts Council England, Pound Arts and in partnership with Penny Brohn
Creative facilitation and drama therapy by Holly Stoppit
Directed by John Wright

Tickets: £15 | £13 Members