Camino del Flamenco Present

Spanish Night

For this show we welcome a new Flamenco company, performing for us in their first Spanish Night show. Based in the UK and made up of Spanish and UK performers, "Flamenco Loco" have been making a great reputation for themselves in the last two years. 

The company features dancers Amanda Frescura and La Aneta, accompanied by singer and percussionist Jaime Cantera and guitarist Cuffy Cuthertson. 

We are excited to bring this group to perform their first show in Oxfordshire. Our Spanish Nights are very popular and a feature on the Oxfordshire arts scene.

The intimate and atmospheric venue is perfect for Flamenco shows, so we recommend buying your tickets as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Table Reservations

If you wish to pre-reserve a table for the show, please read the following information:

Only the following tables are available for advance reservation in the front/2nd line:  3 x tables for 2 people, 1 x table for 3 or 4 people, 1 table for 6 people, 1 table for 7 people and 1 table for 12 people (which can either be reserved for a large group of 10 - 12 or for 2 groups of 6, sharing the table). 

Apart from these tables all other seating is in the traditional Spanish style, at shared tables. 

You can only reserve a table after you book your tickets and you must reserve your table by contacting Camino del Flamenco by email: [email protected]  

Reservations are made on a first come, first booked basis and can only be made by email through Camino del Flamenco.  Not all of the reserved tables have a front line position and if you wish to have a front line position you may prefer to share a non-reserved table. 

Please note that a maximum of 60 tickets only will be available for this show. Doors open at 7.30pm.

The first half of the show will begin at 8.00pm

After the show ends you are welcome to stay on in the bar until 10.15pm

Tickets: £14.99

Ticket price include a range of authentic and tasty complimentary Spanish bar snacks.