Jo Caulfield: The Customer is Always Wrong

Award-winning Stand-Up comedian Jo Caulfield takes a humorous look at life’s potential traps, what can go wrong and how to deal with them (and, in some cases, how to make everyone else suffer with you).Read more

The Thing That Came From Over There - A Comedy Horror

Inspired by the Horror movies of the 1950’s, ‘The Thing That Came From Over There’ is a fast-paced rollicking ride, mixing paranoia, suspense and hilariously gruesome deaths.Read more

Rob Rouse: Are You Sitting Comfortably

Most definitely a middle-aged bloke Rob happily holds his hands up as being about as ‘un-sexy’ as it’s possible to be in terms of broad brush ‘Key Marketing Demographics’*, but as a stand-up, he is in the form of his life.Read more

Tweedy's Lost Property

TWEEDY - the comedy and slapstick legend and star of Gifford’s Circus, Cirque Berserk and the Cheltenham Everyman pantomime! A comedy about a clown who gives in to society and gets a real job.Read more

Lee Hurst: Comedy Show 9

Lee Hurst is back on the road with his next stand up show... Comedy Show No. 9Read more

Morgan & West’s Magic Show For Kids

Time travelling magicians Morgan & West present a jaw dropping, heart stopping, brain busting, opinion adjusting, death defying, mind frying, spirit lifting, paradigm shifting, furniture rearranging magic extravaganza!Read more

Ayesha Hazarika: State of the Nation

Ayesha lifts the lid on what life’s really like behind the scenes at Westminster with brutal honesty and humour and asks what's next for British politics. Read more

Eleanor Conway: Walk of Shame

'Shocking, poignant and undeniably funny...' (F Word) Join us for Eleanor Conway's standup debut about sex, sobriety and sambuca and the modern addict that lies within us all. Read more

Katy Brand: I was a Teenage Christian

Katy Brand’s hit Edinburgh Festival show I Was a Teenage Christian is an honest, fascinating and funny exploration of her self-imposed conversion and total immersion in evangelical Christianity.Read more

Mark Thomas - Work in Progress

Based along the lines of his 2011 show ‘Manifesto’ Mark takes suggestions from the audience to create a snapshot of the future.Read more