Are you curious about watching dance? Do you enjoy talking about what you’ve seen? Join our new Dance Audience Club – a bit like a Book Club for dance!

If you are curious about watching dance, but sometimes feel a bit stumped about how to process it or talk about it, this is for you. It’s a friendly, informal invitation to give language to an art experience that can sometimes feel difficult to pin down.

This will be a great opportunity if you like to watch dance but don’t necessarily have anyone to go with; if you would like an opportunity to share your experiences of watching dance with other like-minded people; if you are unsure about whether you like dance but are interested in giving it a go!

Dance Audience Club will take place at 6pm on Friday 12th November, prior to the performance of The Rite of Spring at 7:30pm that evening. In the session, we will discuss the experience of watching dance in a more general context. If you’re interested in exploring The Rite of Spring specifically, you may like to attend the ‘Talk about Dance’ sessions taking place in the weeks before the performance, or attend the post-show Q&A with choreographer Seeta Patel.

Book online now or contact the Box Office for more information.

Date: Friday 12th November
Time: 6pm
Price: Free

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When can I attend the class?

Date & Details Tickets & Pricing
Friday 12 Nov 2021 Starts: 18:00

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