We programme a number of exhibitions throughout the year, with a particular focus on local artists, and work that links in with our professional programme of live events.

For more information, please contact Emma Nooney

Forthcoming Exhibitions

Rachel Cronin

Monday 3rd December – Sunday 27th January

Driven by an instinctive and emotional response to the landscape, Rachel’s work seeks to explore two very different environments; the wildness of mid Wales and the gentle, verdant beauty of Oxfordshire.

Mist-soaked mountains contrast with the tranquillity of a local autumn in an exhibition of abstracted landscapes in watercolour and mixed media.


Nathan Barry

Monday 28th January – Sunday 3rd March

Showing scenes of bold and elegant natural beauty, this exhibition of landscape photography is the work of Nathan Barry, from his explorations of the Banburyshire are to UK national parks and even the frozen geological wonders of Iceland.

Nathan dedicates his time to finding and framing moments in nature through his vision and composition, showing that light, weather and seasons can transform local and seemingly mundane locations as much as it can famous landmarks.

Richard Valdambrini

Monday 4th March – Sunday 31st March

With a life-long interest in nature, Richard decided to apply his Photography skills to the real world by going on Safari in Africa.

Beginning his expedition in Kenya, followed by Tanzania, Richard has captured iconic African Wildlife in their natural habitats; from Maasi Mara, Amboseli, the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater.

Richard made headlines in the Banbury Guardian fro climbing Kilimanjaro in support of African Wildlife conservation.


Monday 29th April – Sunday 2nd June 2019

We are proud to celebrate our continuing partnership with Oxfordshire Artweeks, an initiative that provides the opportunity for people to see amazing art in wonderful places across the whole of Oxfordshire.

This year we are dedicating our gallery space to artists aged 16 – 25 years to support and pioneer new and emerging talent.

For more information and for an application form, please contact Emma Nooney.