AFTER ALL is a celebration of our vulnerable and courageous existence. Solène melds dance, comedy,storytelling, and theatre to ask – what happens in the end?

Through a series of comedic re-enactments of the funerals of those she’s loved – as well as imagining her own – Solène attempts to conjure a better space, to be with death, dying and loss.

AFTER ALL is a heartfelt exploration of the death rituals we have; the ones lost and those that need to be invented. Solène joyously brings us together to explore the role that dancing might play in healing.

Solène Weinachter, AFTER ALL.
Photo by Genevieve Reeves.

AFTER ALL is a Dance-Theatre solo. The show contains a strong narrative told through speech, movement and comedy

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Monday 02 Dec 2024
Starts: 19:30

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