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Author: Andrew Lister

Adult Short Courses

These classes are designed to give you a taste of a subject to see if it’s for you as well as create something you can take home and be proud of!


Author: Andrew Lister

Coming Soon

  • Tom Allen: Absolutely

    The sharply dressed, well-spoken, disparagingly camp son of working class Bromley, Tom Allen embarks on his debut solo tour this autumn. Read more

  • Elaine Delmar Sings Gershwin And Porter

    One of the great British jazz voices of all time, Elaine Delmar brings her acclaimed interpretations of two of the greatest songbooks of all time, Gershwin and Porter. Read more

  • Bikeology: PREVIEW

    Ned Boulting will be joining us for a very special work-in-progress preview of his show Bikeology, before he heads out on tour in October! Read more

  • David Earl is Brian Gittins: Don’t Feed The Monkeyman

    Why not spend a Friday night watching ‘The World’s Worst Comedian’? Read more

Latest Live Events Added

  • Talon - The Acoustic Collection 2018

    The Mill welcomes back Talon - The Acoustic set with their 2018 tour 'In The Raw' Read more

  • Creative Care - Age of Creativity Festival 2017

    A training and networking event for Care staff, volunteers and artists working with older adults interested in new ways to engage with creativity and culture. Read more

  • Shakespeare Schools Festival

    Shakespeare Schools Foundation is proud to present the world’s largest youth drama festival at the Mill Arts Centre. Read more

  • Spanish Night

    Flamenco Express return to The Mill for their memorable show in our Millers Bar. Read more