The Pretend Beatles include musicians who have performed professionally all over the world and play the Beatles’ music live without backing tracks using authentic instruments to capture the Beatles sound.

The band wear Beatle style costumes and value attention to detail in capturing all the musical and vocal parts of the original Beatles records, but also capturing the live spirit of The Beatles who were such a fun band to watch during their live era. Their repertoire is very wide and includes loads of Beatles classic tracks, so you are sure to be singing along to all the big songs. They also cater for the die hard fan with their encyclopaedic knowledge of the band and so can deliver some surprises in the set too. Come along and escape to the time of Beatlemania.

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When can I see the only performance of The Pretend Beatles 2024?

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Saturday 12 Oct 2024
Starts: 19:30

Standard £23.00

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